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Driver's License & Car Insurance

Foreigners planning driving car in the area of Poland should have national driver's license. If the driver's license doesn't have any photo - it's better to take care of taking with yourself an international driving license, which is presented with the national origin. The drivers going to Poland must have (on the border) car insurance (so called Green Card).

Green Card
While crossing the Polish border by the car, a foreigner is obliged to buy the insurance of civil liability, called "The Green Card" . Poland is a signatory of widely spreader international system of green cards. It is the best to buy the insurance in your country, so it is much cheaper than while buying it on the border.

The Green Card presents the protection from the civil responsibility of the car owner, or the driver, in case of doing detriments to third persons by the reason of the vehicle movement. The insurance guarantees, that in case on an accident the insurance institution, not the accident maker, will pay the indemnification to the sufferer.

Driver's licenses issued by other EU member states are recognized by Poland and remain valid until the expiry date indicated in the document. An EU citizen permanently residing in Poland will not be obliged to replace his driver's license for a Polish driver's license - though he/she will have the option of doing so. Should the document become lost or its validity expire - it will not be necessary to pass a driving test again. While driving a vehicle on the territory of the RP, the driver is obliged to have with him a driver's license and civil liability insurance The Green Card.

Traffic regulations
Seat belts must be used in both front and back seats, with children up to the age of 12 and up to 150 cm tall using special certified seats. Using a mobile phone while driving is banned, though a loud-speaking phone system is permitted.
The legal alcohol limit is 0.2 promille.

Speed limits:
* town (5am-11pm) - 50 km/h (11pm - 5am) - 60 km/h
* open road - 90 km/h
* single carriageway - 110 km/h, dual carriageway - 120 km/h
* motorway - 130 km/h
* with trailer - 70 km/h (on highways - 80 km/h)

Between October 1 and the last day of February drivers have to use day lights during the day. Front fog lights may be used only during fog or heavy rain. Rear fog lights may be used only when visibility is under 50 meters.
The vehicle must be equipped with a reflector triangle.
The vehicle has to be marked with a sign indicating the country of its registration. Radar-warning systems are banned.

Effective May 1 2004, for EU citizen the "green card" will not be required upon entry by car into Poland. However, it may be used as international proof of insurance, facilitating the obtainment of compensation in the event of an accident.



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